Sunday, February 23, 2014

Still Celebrating!

We had made absolutely no plans for today - even though it was actually our anniversary.    Neither of us wanted to go out to eat again, so we call friends to see if they might want to come over - do a little fishing and have dinner with us ----------.  It was late morning when we called - so we were not surprised that they already had other plans.  Oh well , I guess it would be just the two of us. 

I called Publix and ordered a Happy Anniversay Cake.........then made plans for dinner.  Both of us would be cooking today!  I took some fish out of the freezer ( Bass that Rich had caught, and a couple of small crappie) and made up some blackening seasoning mix for cooking it.   About mid-afternoon I pulled out the vodka, kaluha and cream and made us both a White Russian.  Put together a large dish of macaroni and cheese and headed to the store to pick up the cake.   I seasoned the fish, gave Rich some extra butter for cooking and he took the fish outside to cook. 

Dinner was Excellent.   We enjoyed it while watching a movie. 

And later we enjoyed a piece of our anniversary cake.  Rich's favorite.  Yellow cake with Whip Cream icing. 

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