Sunday, February 23, 2014

Celebrating 40 Years

Rich and I celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary on the 23rd.  We generally just go out for dinner at the Outback Steakhouse or Red Lobster, but this year we decided to make a trip back to Port Charlotte to the Visani Restaurant and The Comedy Zone.     To help us celebrate this special occasion we asked friends Dieter and Helen, who own a winter home in North Port - about 15 minutes from the restaurant, to join us.   Our anniversary is actually on Sunday - but Visani is closed on Sunday.

So we headed for North Port about 9:30 Saturday morning, and arrived at Dieter and Helen's about 11:00 am.  The last time we visited was back in late 2011 when they were just purchasing this house and because contractors were working on the inside we were only able to view the outside of the property.    They also have a beautiful home in Columbia Crossroads, PA where they spend the summer.  This is where they come to spend much of the winter months.

The house is small but very cozy and welcoming and we noticed the new color shutters and the newly planted shrubs.    Helen prepared a delicious lunch including sandwiches and potato salad and our beverage of choice.  Most of the time we spent sitting outside enjoying the beautiful summer day.  Their yard is full of palm trees, but among them you can also find a few beautiful  avocado and mango trees.  Beautiful~

Just like at home the Florida birds always grace the yard and come to visit.  This egret must have been within about 2 feet of us for most of the afternoon, leaving and returning several times.

Our dinner reservations were for 4:45 at the Visani Restaurant.(Photo - compliments of Trip Adviser.)     They have a  great variety of items on their menu.  We started with drinks and the fried mozzarella for an appetizer.  The mozzarella was definately not your expected small sticks - they were huge.

Everyone had something different for dinner: Spaghetti and Ma Ma's Meatballs, Chicken Alfredo, Chicken A La Vodka, and Stuffed Flounder.    The meal was excellent.    We did not make reservations until Thursday afternoon, so we were pleasantly surprised to get such great seats.  Not able to get a table for just the four of us, but rather we were seated at a very long table.  Our seats were only about 4 or 5 back from the stage. PERFECT!  Here's the four of us..........and yes Helen caught me with my eyes shut!

The show started just a few minutes after 6:00.  As the name indicates - it's  a stand up comedian.  I can not remember the name of the first guy who opened the show.  He was only on for maybe 15 minutes, and he was pretty good.  But the reason we were all there was to see the headline comic...Greg Hahn.   I found the following on Visani's facebook page, and it tells a little bit about this stand-up comedian.

We are extremely pleased to announce that we will be hosting the one and only Greg Hahn from LA as your headlining comic....... 

Greg is a very talented and famous entertainer who is one of the most iconic figures in the industry, he brings with him an all encompassing stage presence that combines a very sharp wit booming with energy that makes for one hour of nonstop laugh out loud entertainment.

Greg has appeared on just about every night talk show there is with special appearances on Comedy Central's Premium Blend, Louis CK's Pulp Comics, Star Search, Cedric the Entertainer Presents, in addition to being a regular appearing guest on the Bob and Tom Show to name just a few of his numerous accolades.

 His show was outstanding.  Both Rich and I laughed so hard at times it would bring tears to our eyes.  After the first few minutes you pretty much laugh non-stop for more than an hour. This guy has so much energy - but still hard to believe he could do this great a job again at 9:30 the same evening.  Tickets for most of the shows are $12, but his show was $18.  Well worth the money. Probably the best stand-up comedian we've ever seen, live or on TV!

What a great way to celebrate our anniversary.  A wonderful evening of entertainment shared with good friends.

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  1. Glad it was nice & all enjoyed! Happy Anniversary ! Love Y'all! :)