Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Birthday - Officially a SENIOR Citizen

 Monday welcomed the second of three February birthdays.  Rich is now officially a member of the Senior Citizen community as he celebrates his 65th Birthday.

Those of you who know Rich are surely aware of his love of the Stock Market and know that most every day you will find him in his office as he sits at his desk, on his computer with his statistical charts evaluating his selected stock for trading potential.    And not far away the TV is tuned to CNBC - his favorite news channel.

But this year Monday was President's Day - so the stock market was closed and  we were able to celebrate ALL DAY!

 So during morning coffee - I gave him his birthday present.  One of his favorite evening programs is Mad Money with Jim Cramer and he had "hinted" not long after Xmas that Cramer had a new book out  he was considering........ "Get Rich Carefully"

We had originally planned to go out for dinner to celebrate and he had selected either the Outback Steakhouse or Red Lobster.   But on Sunday Nick and Tonyia called to see if we wanted to meet them for Mexican!  We declined telling them of our birthday dinner plans the next day.  As it turned out - we met them at the Mexican Restaurant and they invited us to Steaks on the Grill at their place for Rich's birthday.

But first we made a trip into Sebring and stopped at the Sebring Diner for breakfast, where Rich enjoyed his stack of pancakes!  This is probably the ONLY place I've ever seen him order a SHOT stack and NOT finish them.  The portions are huge!

From there it was a couple of stops to look for a new washing machine ( I know - what a way to celebrate a birthday!)  and then a quick stop at Publix for some cheese and crackers and some fresh Italian bread to have with dinner.

Below, Nick gives Rich his birthday present - a 12 pack of Bud Light! - Again those that know Rich well know this will last him 12 days!

Tonyia and Carla and I played a little Mexican Train while the guys talked and took a ride down to the boat docks. And then we enjoyed a delicious dinner with T-Bone Steaks and grilled potatoes and vegies. 


We didn't get back home until after 7:30!  And the perfect ending to a great birthday was the Birthday  phone call from his Son Dennis. 

Happy Birthday !


  1. I knew his birthday was this month, but couldn't remember the exact date! Sounds like he had a wonderful day. Happy Belated Birthday Rich!

  2. Great Pics and Glad all enjoyed! Happy birthday and Dad & WE Love you both!