Friday, May 23, 2014

A very long evening

That I thought would NEVER end.

After talking with the waitress at dinner the other night, she assured us we would enjoy the current entertainment, so  we went back to the room and made reservations for the Comedy Show.

Gregory's Restaurant has an room upstairs where on Thursday and Friday evening they bring in comedy acts from across the country.  We went to one probably 6 years or more ago, did not like it and so have hesitated to return.  I am not a prude - and I can handle off color jokes,  but this was a more than I had bargained for and I was a bit uncomfortable.  Seated in the second row, right in front of the stage, I was not about to leave and be totally embarrassed.      Jerry Harvey was the opening act and he was OK.  Janet Williams - send her back to Tennessee!!

Since we had eaten at Gregory's the night before we decided not to do their dinner menu, but instead just order from the bar menu.   My salad ($11 for a salad?) was good, but Rich said he would have preferred a couple of McDoubles to his gourmet burger!   Then you had to sit there and try to eat from these huge plates at this tiny "bistro" table in the most uncomfortable chairs!

Enough complaining!  


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