Thursday, May 22, 2014

The week is flying by..........

I slept in this morning!  Actually I slept in until Rich got up, which was still before 7:30.  However too late to catch Wednesday morning sunrise.   How quickly time passes when you're having fun.  Hard to believe that we left home five days ago!  

As we were walking around today I took the opportunity to catch some pictures of the resort.  Ocean Landings is located on Cocoa Beach, right on A1A.  The resort has five large buildings for stay, and while many of us are owners here, the resort is open to the public.  A little pricy, but they really have a lot to offer.  One building  has "hotel" type units and is two story.  There are two other two story buildings which are one bedroom units, with 2 bathrooms and small kitchen, much like an efficiency.  One of those building also has small balcony's or sitting areas that face the pool area.  Then there are two 5 story buildings called the Caribbean and Dream Buildings, that house one and two bedroom suites with full kitchens and an ocean front balcony.  We are staying in the Caribbean Building this year.

Lot's of amenities:  Below top row is the picnic pavilion complete with tables, grills and a small kitchen area with stoves/ovens for anyone who want to cook out.  The resort also has four tennis courts; two located adjacent to the pool and the other over the parking garage.  Tennis lessons are available. When Nate and Krystal visited us one year - we taped the tennis court with lines for pickleball!  There are two large pools.  The bottom left is the Terrace Pool and used more by adults than children.  On the bottom right is the other pool with a very nice hot tub in the far corner.  Also at the far end  is a pool bar that serves breakfast and lunch, beer and specialty drinks.   You can see taller buildings in the back of this picture.  We are staying in the "middle" building.

The other large building on site - new in just that last couple of years is the Centre at Ocean Landings.  This is where you check in.  There is a large banquet room ( where we went to the timeshare meeting the other day).  It has an activities center, a game room, a beautiful fitness center and a day spa where you can get your daily massage! The picture on the bottom left is of Lilly's Lounge, complete with happy hour every day where you can relax with your favorite beverage.  It also provides outdoor seating. 

And Wednesday evening we finally made it to Gregory's for dinner.  Gregory's Restaurant and Comedy Lounge is also located on site.    This is a beautiful Steak and Seafood Restaurant and a bit on the pricy side.  

We had an incredible dinner.  Rich ordered the Baked French Onion soup, and I had the soup of the day, a cream of asparagus with chopped crab meat.  Awesome!  Rich ordered the NY Strip Steak (only 12 oz tonight) and baked potato and I ordered the crab meat filled grilled shrimp and scallops with wild rice pilaf.   Mine was absolutely wonderful and Rich agreed when I shared.  He said his was very good - but the steak at Outback is still better.   The service was great and our waitress was the best.  After kidding with her about how good the garlic bread was, she wrapped us up a loaf along with a container of butter and gave it to us before we left.


We sat out on the balcony after we got back. Generally we look out across the water and watch for the cruise ships, fishing boats etc.  But tonight we had a visitor.  This little raccoon was searching for food below us, along the fence. 

I hate not having some of the comforts of the DVR.  We never watch anything on TV live, it's always recorded.  And tonight I was trying to watch the Rays Game AND the finale of American Idol at the same time!   I managed.

Tomorrow the shuttle goes up from Cape Canaveral and we have reservations at Gaucho's Comedy Club.

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