Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day Two in Hollywood/Dania Beach

Saturday morning we slept in a little - probably after 8:30 when we finally got out of bed.  No coffee pot in the room, so I went downstairs to get a couple cups from the lobby, where they serve a continental breakfast each morning.   We decided to do a later breakfast and went back to the Miami Grill and Deli.  Prices for breakfast were reminiscent of Paul's Diner over in Wauchula!  Two eggs, home fries, bacon, ham or sausage and toast for $3.99.  

We still had a little time before having to head for the matinee session of Jai-Alai.  We stopped to talk with a couple and their baby who were sitting around the pool.  We chatted for quite a while and learned that they were from Germany (via Holland) and were considering moving to the USA.  They have a business (Employment Agency) in Germany, and one of the older daughters will take that over.  They want to open a business here.   One of their concerns was the school system here in the US -  they were a little discouraged after  checking out the schools near Miami finding them surrounded by High Fences and  they thought they would have to learn how to speak SPANISH!  Amazing!  Kind of embarrassing that that is the first impression that someone gets when they visit our country!  We introduced them to the Central and Gulf Coast areas of Florida.  They are going to check it out and promised to keep in touch with us! Hope they do.

Anyway - the matinee session of Jai-Alai started at 1:00.  We were introduced to Jai-Alai in CT when we lived there, and then went several days/week to the Tampa Jai-Alai here in Florida until they closed that fronton, and always went to the Dania location when we vacationed in Pompano or Ft. Lauderdale.  So it's been a long time................

The picture below is taken from the Dania Jai-Alai website and explains how the game is played.  It is truly exciting to watch!  You bet on the games just like you do at the dog or horse races: win, place, show, quinella, perfecta, trifecta, daily double and......they also have a superfecta where you have to pick the first four place winners, and a Pick Three which is picking the winner of three consecutive games.   For those of you who like the Casino - the fronton is currently in the first phase of a major expansion. It has already expanded to two floors and has 550 slot machines, a poker room, simulcast, a bistro and lounge, entertainement  etc......

The new season was just starting - so there was not a lot of statistical information available.  Without knowing the previous results and player stats, Rich will tell you that betting is no different than gambling.  So this weekend we would be gambling! 

We really liked that Miami Grill and Deli ............We went back there for dinner again between the matinee and evening games of Jai-Alai.   This time it was just a double burger for Rich and a Reuben for me.  But it was still delicious!   

Tomorrow - we will head for Cocoa Beach............

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