Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cocoa Beach Today

It was before 6:00 when I awoke this morning.  I grabbed my camera and headed for the balcony.  Didn't even turn the coffee pot on!  It was just a few minutes later that I realized I had some time before sunrise when I opened the slider.............and to my very pleasant surprise......RICH was awake; he had turned the coffee pot on and was joining me for sunrise today.

Not quite as beautiful as it was the past few days - but watching it together made it extra special.

At 9:05 am this morning a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket launched a classified spacecraft payload for the US National Reconnaissance Office.  It was launched from the Kennedy Space Center.  Below the visitors here at the resort headed for the beach to watch.  Not quite as amazing as watching it at night, but it was pretty good, especially given how very very sunny it was today.

Tonight will be a late night.  We have reservations for the Comedy Show.  Doesn't start until 9:00 pm - so we made reservations for 8:00 for a late dinner.  So we did a small late lunch at the pool bar today and checked out the rest of the activities. DARN!  I should have had my hair braided!!  If they get enough people signed up - I just might go to the 4:30 Bingo.

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  1. It looks so beautiful and relaxing there! Maybe by next year we can rent our own unit there and join you for the week!