Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A LONG trip to CVS Pharmacy

I went for a ride with Rich to pick up my prescription from CVS Pharmacy and to pick up a couple of foot longs at Subway.  We left about 4:45.  And our quick trip turned into more than a couple HOURS!  Some very old man, driving a golf cart drove into the side of our car!  I didn't have my camera with me..............and we don't have a cell phone that takes pictures!

We were turning into our parking spot when this golf cart slammed into the front of the car and got wedged between our car and a little red car in the next parking spot.  A couple just coming out of the store called 911 and in just a few minutes the Sherrif and one of the Lake Placid police officers arrived.   Obviously, the very first thing we did was to make sure that the man in the golf cart was OK.

It seems that this couple who witnessed this accident had just seen this same gentleman in the Winn Dixi parking lot across the street, where driving very very fast, he hit another car.  Not only that, he had already hit the red car next to us and backed up and hit another (red) car before he hit us.  (and the first red car again!) Our car was the only one with any real damage - but we did feel really bad for the old guy.  His walker was on the back of the golf cart, and according to the police officer, he was not in good health, probably dementia, so a lot of time was spent trying to find out where he lived and how to get him taken care of.  The tow truck took his golf cart.   Golf carts are not allowed, but are tolerated, even by the police here in Lake Placid.  That's unfortunate. Bur fortunately - no one was hurt................today.

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