Monday, February 9, 2015

The weekend - more chores and a little play time!

I love giving Rich "projects"!  Well, let me qualify that by saying "projects he enjoys."  I really loved the end stand he made for the sun room, so I asked him to make me a nightstand for the guest bedroom.  I am in the process of doing some redecorating in there.  The bed and dresser are both white, so I wanted a white night stand. I had found a picture of one that I liked as a "model" for him to follow.  The cost of the one I found was less than what we would spend for materials/paint etc., so he suggested that I just buy it...............I did.  And it was one of those that you have to put together, so you know how "perfect" the instructions are.  We managed to get it together and it looks great.  The new drapes are on order and I'm searching for a new comforter set....... and some wall decor.  Then the color of the walls and headboard will be coordinated.

Friday evening we met Nick and Tonyia in Sebring for dinner at Bob Evans. One of our favorite places to stop for breakfast - but it's been a real long time sine we went there for dinner.  It was excellent!  We stopped by their place afterwards.  They have been working hard every day with remodeling and the place, especially their new office, looks great!

Saturday morning Rich spent out front repairing a broken sprinkler.  He played in the mud, and had to repair two different connections underground.  Working great now!!

The Lake Placid Country Fair was going on this weekend, so we headed down to DeVane Park to check it out.  The website said the hours were 9:00am  to 9:00pm, Saturday and Sunday.  It was about 3:15pm when we headed out.   We were quite surprised to see so few people around, and even more surprised to learn that the Country Fair was only open from 9:00 to 4:00.   Needless to say, the "entertainment" was over and many of the booths were already shutting down.

We checked out a few - the Humane Society, sampled a few of the pretzel/cracker dips ( we liked the peanut butter and the bacon horseradish!) and I probably would have taken home one of those Tillandsias (air plants) if we'd had time........but Rich insisted on finding the waffle/funnel cake tent.  We did and we sat while he enjoyed it!

We also ran into our friends Bob and Lavern, aka Silly Willy and Fluffy at Toby's Clown Museum Tent.  Fluffy was busing doing some "face painting" (check out that little girl's face!).  We chatted for a few minutes and promised to get together again real soon.

Sunday  - nothing real exciting.................. But I made up a batch of meatballs and we had a great Linguine and Meatballs dinner.  Watched a few of our favorite programs we had recorded and called it a day!

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