Sunday, February 22, 2015

Work begins on the back deck

After two trips to Lowes to load the car with lumber the project to build the rail on the back deck is underway.  The last few days have been busy measuring, cutting, digging holes, mixing and pouring concrete and leveling the four posts across the back of the deck.   And yes - we've both been busy; Rich with all the hard stuff and me........well I am a very good gofer.  I gofer the extension cord, the drill, the socket wrench, the level, the hose.........and clean the concrete bucket and tools and help put everything away!

And on Saturday Rich had an extra helper!  You remember his little friend that always sits with him  when he's fishing off the dock?  Well he wandered over today watching Rich work and checking everything out.  He must have thought we were going to put him to work.......or he was looking for a minnow for lunch!  After about 10 minutes he flew off.

Still lots to do........two more posts, the side posts to set and the hardest part will be over.  Rich will have the rest done in no time......and then I'll get to do some more painting.

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