Monday, February 23, 2015

Celebrating our Anniversary - with the doctor!

I have so many pictures of that special day, February 23, 1974, but they are all displayed in our photo albums or in collages on our book shelves.    Our wedding day was 41 years ago today but our celebration still continues.  This picture of Rich and I was taken about 16 1/2 years into our marriage and on the wedding day of our son Dennis in August of 1990.  Gosh - we look so young!  Is that really us?

"An anniversary is a time to 

celebrate the joys of today, 

the memories of yesterday 

and the hopes of tomorrow?

~Author Unknown~

We originally made plans to celebrate on Sunday with a trip to the park and dinner, but decided we'd work on the deck and just do dinner today.

Unfortunately when I awoke this morning I was quite light headed and  I only got worse as the morning progressed;  not able to keep my balance standing, and the room spinning if I laid down! ( And I had not even had my glass of wine yet!)  Followed by chills and vomiting, Rich was ready to take me to the emergency room (I did not want to go) and so he called the doctor.  Just returned from that doctor visit and we "think" it may be vertigo.  More medication, but follow-ups this week for an ultrasound of the neck, checking for an inner ear infection and an echo cardiogram (to rule out the possibility of the heart murmur being the culprit).

So..........the plans for dinner at Red Lobster are tabled for today and Rich, after having to take care of me all day will pick up my prescription and a couple of subs from Subway!!

It's still a Happy Anniversary!


  1. Hoping you feel better & get well soon!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! With many more to come! We Love & Miss Y'all!! HUGS

  2. Happy Belated Anniversary! I am so upset I somehow missed it. I had in on my calender, so not sure why I did not get the alert for it. Hope you had a wonderful day. Catching up on your blog. You have been up to a lot of home projects! Can't wait to see it all in person!