Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

We don't get real excited over Valentine's Day - I mean Kisses and I Love You are pretty much every day occurrences here..........but today they were just a little bit sugar and chocolate coated!  I received a box of chocolate truffles with one of Rich's very own home made hand crafted (out of paper) card.  And Rich will enjoy his chocolate chip cookie and Big Kiss!

After morning coffee we headed to the Sebring Diner, where we always enjoy a great breakfast.  Today though - everyone was out for breakfast.  We arrived about 10:45 and went to the back of the line which was pretty much out the front door!  And we probably waited close to 45 minutes for our meal..... just simple bacon and eggs and toast, which sad to say, was not quite up to par! It was just after noon when we finally (after waiting in line again to pay) back in the car and heading for Lowe's and Walmart and Office Depot

Yes - I have Rich working on his next project, and that is building me a railing for the deck.  So we packed the car with 4, 50 lb. bags of concrete mix, 4, 4x4X8 posts, 1 4x4x10 post, and 2, five quarter(?) boards 10 foot long.  Only about 1/2 of what we'll need - but all we could fit in the car. (This is when we really miss having the truck).   A quick trip to Walmart and then to Office Depot to pick up the Turbo Tax, and we were finally back home with the car unloaded  well after 3:30.  

And of I love you and a Valentines Day kiss goodnight!

And to our family and friends who visit us here on our blog - Happy Valentines' Day! We love you.  God Bless!

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