Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rain Rain GO AWAY!

Today is Wednesday and while the rain has stopped right now - there is plenty more in the forecast.  The winds are 10-13 miles per hour and slated to be that way until about dark.  So no fishing again today.  Since Saturday, when we caught so many fish - we have only been able to get out one more time - and that was for just a short while on Monday.  

 Rich caught 12 fish that day including this nice 15 + inch small mouth bass, and I caught 9 crappie.

Didn't start catching them until late, so we didn't take back any keepers.

About the only thing that's exciting right now ( and this is pushing it) is the creek that runs along side our cabin down to the lake.  It's been very dry for the last week or so, but now its a very pretty waterfall.

That's our cabin  that you see at the top of the picture on the right.  and the little bridge and start of the waterfall ( top left)  is just outside our door.   An that is the hill we walk up and down every time we go fishing!

Hope this rainy and windy weather breaks pretty soon.

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