Thursday, November 18, 2010

Anybody Know What This Is Called?

The other day Rich moved his chair for one reason or another, and noticed this interesting caterpiller type bug meandering along on the patio rug. Definately appears to part of the caterpiler family - but this certainly will not become a beautiful butterfly!

Went out on the website to see if I could find out exactly what it was. I must have looked at 100 different ones, but could not find this one. Even tried to narrow it down specifically Florida, and that didn't help either. It was certainly an interesting Google search. I had no idea how many hundreds of different caterpillers there are!
Now this we can relate to! Meet our most recent visitors - stopping for a canine treat; one year old Pomeranian sister and brother, Thea and Teddy. Thea took to her treat right away, but Teddy, he decided to bury it it the dirt for later. Unfortunately sister Thea found it first.
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