Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Night Out!

Not a lot going on since Jack and Diane and Rich and Dee left. Buddy's down with pneumonia, I have a sore shoulder - so the pickleball courts have been pretty empty lately. Bruce and Gena came in on the 31st . Yesterday Barb Purvis came in and one other couple that plays pickleball and Nate and Krystal and the boys have been out a few times at night. But the last couple of nights we gotten some pretty good rain showers.

So, since rain was in the forecast we made plans to go to Sebring to return a buffer that we had previously purchased at Home Depot. Since we were heading that way we invited a few friends to join us for dinner at Homers Smorgasboard.

That's Stan (almost didn't get him in the picture!!!) and Sally, Gena and Kathy Hughes on the left. To the right is Rich, Bruce and Bob. Stan and Sally rode with us. A brief stop at Home Depot, checked out some shrubs and patio furniture for the Michalski site and then watched the beautiful double rainbow while waiting for the rain to ease up long enough to get to the car. Bruce and Gena and the Hughes were there when we arrived. Bob and Kathy are staying at Tanglewood again this year and have only been in town for a few days. Great seeing them again.
As usual dinner at Homers was excellent. And I already know what some of you are waiting to hear - but it seems that the chocolate eclairs no longer decorate the dessert table. But the chocolate monster ( Rich) enjoyed the chocolate pie and then a peanut butter sundae!!
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