Thursday, November 25, 2010

ThanksGiving With Family

It's been a very long time since we've spent Thanksgiving Day with our family. This year our plans for dinner changed a couple of tmes. Originally we were to spend the day with close friends, Don and Linda - as we have most every year since we came to Florida. Don and Linda had the opportunity to spend the day with his children, so we opted to have dinner here at Peace River.

But we got a call from Rich's brother, and he and his wife would be arriving in Florida, on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Pictued above with Rich and I are his (older and only) brother Bob, and his wife Diane. It would be our first opportunity to meet Diane since they married - so that made the trip to see them even more special. Bob and Diane are staying at the World Center Marriott in Orlando where they are participating in a week long Bridge Tournament. They are as serious about Bridge, as we are about Pickleball - if you can believe that!! This pictures was taken in the beautifully decorated lobby at the hotel.
Bob had made plans for us to have Thanksgiving Dinner at the Solaris - a restaurant located in the main lobby of the hotel. The buffet was absolutely outstanding - and our table was perfectly located so that Rich could keep one eye on the dessert table. The buffet selections included Ham, Pork, Salmon and the traditional Turkey with all the trimmings. There were also the usual bread, soups and salads along with a very unique create your own pasta station - which I opted to try. It was beyond delicious!! And of course we all helped our selves to more dessert than we really needed. But hey - besides giving special thanks - overeating is a Turkey Day tradition.
Today is a day for Giving Thanks - and we have so much to be thankful for. We have been blessed with the opportunity to enjoy our retirement in good health and with great friends and family. Today Bob and Diane made our Thanksgiving "extra special"
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