Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pickleball, Bowling and NO CAMERA!

I guess Sunday was our day of rest. We talked a lot about yesterday's pickleball event and what a great day it was. Best part of the day was seeing all our pickleball friends laughing and enjoying the day.

After the tourney Bruce and Gena were off to Englewood to take care of business and were not expected back until Tuesday. So we phoned Stan and Sally to see what time they would be playing picklebll on Monday morning. Pickled up Buddy in the morning and we headed to Torrey Oaks. Stan and Rich and Buddy and Richard played together most of the morning while Sally and I worked with two fairly new players - Ken and Maureen. Joe and Cis were in the park and came over to play a few games. They were only in the area for a week or so, to attend their neice's wedding. They are off to the airport on Wednesday, heading back to PA until after the holidays, when they'll return to Torrey Oaks.

Monday afternoon is bowling at the Bowl Of Fun......and this week there was a really good turnout. Last week there were just four - this week we had nine. Stan, Sally, Eleanor, Cis, Ken and Joan from Torrey Oaks, Shirley, Rich and I from Peace River. Stan had the high game with 199, and Sally was right behind with 198! Rich had a total of 400 for the day and I had 331 - not bad for my first time out!

Can't believe I didn't have my camera today!

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