Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Campfire Gathering

Rain on Sunday afternoon put a damper on our planned get together.  But the weather was perfect Tuesday evening to gather around the campfire.    It was a fun filled evening of sharing snacks, cooking kielbasa over the open fire, a little Karaoke, laughter, and conversation with new found friends.

Nick and Tonya had the fire blazing when we all arrived.  Everyone brought along their beverage of choice, but a little of Nick's Flaming Cinnamon Whisky passed around the group, brought a few of us to microphone at the Karaoke station.  Nick must really like The House of the Rising Sun- he shared that one with us a couple of times.  But the whole group got into Row Row Row your Boat and a few timely Xmas Carols. 

I know you're all expecting to see our usual group of pickleball players - but tonight we got to share the evening with some people we just met over the past few weeks.

Below (top left) is Jen, who travels alone - and we're so glad she found a spot directly across the road from us.  (Top right) is Larry and Monique (best known to her friends as just MO).  They too are parked here on the H Row but will  be leaving the park on Wednesday taking with them their big winnings from Monday night Bingo!  We look forward to their return to Peace River after the first of the year.   That's Judy and Bill (bottom left) and Rosa and John on the right.  Rosa and John will be going back and forth between here and Orlando this winter, while Judy leads the Walk Fit here each morning, and she and Bill will be spending the winter here in Peace River.

It was  a fun evening - and I'm sure we'll be enjoying many many more before the season ends.

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