Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Our plans for Christmas Eve were to stay at home.  We  were planning a dinner of pasta, salad and Italian bread, and perhaps a glass of Blackberry Merlot. 

I spent a good part of the morning (with the exception of about an hour and a half for pickleball), baking and making some peanut butter and chocolate fudge, and Rich made a large batch of his potato candy.   It was about time to start the spaghetti sauce when Tonya stopped by and asked if we'd like to join them,  along with John and Shelly for dinner. 

About five o'clock we headed to Paul's Kitchen. (Where else?)  When we arrived, Shelly realized that she had left her purse and phone on the table back at Nick and Tonya's - so John headed back to the campground! 

 But leave it to John to make a grand entrance!  Below, he stops to flirt, just a little, with our waitress, Michelle.

The meal was excellent - everything from stuffed grouper, teriyaki steak, steak tips, beer battered fish to the big fish (shore) platter.   Around the table starting on the left is Nick, Tonya, Donna, our waitress Michelle, with her Rudolf antlers, Rich, John and Shelly. 

Nick and Tonya invited all of us over for a little holiday cheer which included Eggnog with a little spiced rum.  Neighbors, Nancy and Jerry, and Gerry and Lee joined the group.  Sitting around the campfire we took turns sharing a little of the true meaning of Christmas; Celebrating in the birth of Christ and giving thanks for the many gifts and opportunities that life has provided.  Most precious is being with the people we love - be it family or new found friends. 

I sure do hope I've been a good girl and Santa comes to visit tonight!  Should I leave out the milk and cookies? 

Merry Christmas

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