Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Dinner at Peace River

It always seems to take so much work to decorate and create the holiday atmosphere.  After days of preparation and planning- it's over so quickly. 

The Activity director here at the park worked just about non-stop the last couple of days, getting the room prepared and decorated, baking the turkey and ham and stuffing and gravy and hoping that everything would come together . 
And from this picture you can see that well over 100 people filled the meeting house and filled their plates in record time.  The day was very well organized, the array of food was fantastic and the smiles and full bellies was a sure sign that everyone enjoyed the day.  We tried to get around and at least say hello to people we knew.
Below is Rich with Nate and Crystal....... two special people we always like to spend time with.
And joining us at our table today was Jen, Tonya and Nick (pictured below) along with Judy and Jim who left before I snapped this picture.  
It's always a great time when people here at the park get together, but it's always extra nice to be able to celebrate and share the table with your friends.

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