Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Morning Pickleball

Generally I am working in the store here at the park Monday - Friday, so I don't get a chance to play in the morning, except on the weekends.  But, I worked for Pat (of Pat and Woody) Saturday night and all day Sunday while they went on  their Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas!  So this morning I headed down to play with some new folks.

Below is Debbie, Woody and Garth................  Nice to see Debbie back on the courts.
Here is Judy and Debbie resting after the game.  Judy just learned to play this year and is doing very very well.

Garth and Woody resting before their next game........

Another new pickleball player that we met this year is Cindy - playing below with Karen.  A really good player........and it was nice seeing her and hubby at the Christmas dinner yesterday.

Mr T (Travis) and Baxter arrived back here in the park on Sunday - so Travis joined the group this morning.  Below  he partners up with Karen.
And I wish I could remember this gentleman's name who is playing with Woody.  He is new to pickleball, just learned how to play and he partners up with Woody in his very first game.

Not a big group out playing this morning - but we sure had a great time.

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