Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day

Yes Santa came and brought us lots of goodies.   Exchanging gifts for us is generally just filling a stocking.  Larger gifts are something we both can use or share. 

But it's the spirit of Christmas, not the gifts under the tree that we celebrate.  It's the joy of spending time with family and friends.  With Denny and the family so far away - it was their phone call that made our day.

Rich and I are great animal lovers - and waking up on Xmas morning when we had Beau was something we always looked forward to.  He was always so excited about opening his presents - just like all little ones are.

We didn't have Beau this year - but we were blessed to have the chance to spend the day with one of our favorite canine friends.  Little Miss Ava.

Nate and Krystal took off for Orlando to spend the day with family, so Ava spent the day with us.  What a special little lady - so well behaved and such a joy to have around.
In the afternoon we met up with this handsome fellow who was out walking his Mom - Karen.    This is Sammy!
And we received Holiday Greetings  from Dixie and Dusty over in Sun City Center.  Below they wait patiently for the OK to dive in and open their gifts.

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  1. Thank you so much, once again, for taking care of Miss Ava. Thank you also for the wonderful goodies! We appreciate you two so much!