Friday, December 16, 2011

Hometown Holiday in Downtown Wauchula

It was a real hometown celebration in downtown Wauchula tonight during this month's Friday Night Live.   Main Street and Wauchula's Heritage Park was glistening with decorations, lights, holiday music and live entertainment.

We had played pickleball until almost 6:00, finished dinner and headed for Main Street.  By this time the festivities were well underway, and trying to get anywhere near the "main attraction: was pretty much impossible.  So we headed on down Main Street taking in the crowds of people visiting vendors and attractions along the way.

Earlier in the month there was a huge parade in Wauchula.  Even Peace River participated with their very own float - specially decorated by our friends Buddy and Diane.  I think this float may have been one that was included in the parade.  This  one below is  Hardee County's 12 Days of Christmas. 
There were more vendors than we'd ever seen at any Friday Night live.  Perfect for those looking for some unique holiday gifts.

At the end of Main  Street, we stopped at the very last vedor ... This was actually the very first we'd seen last year, the first time we came to Friday Night Live in Wauchula!    Once again we spoke with Barry and Jill  Edgley, the couple  we worked with last year when we did the benefit tournament for the Hardee Animal Rescue Team.  This year they are  running  the Trust Again Pet Shelter (TAPS), where they currently board stray cats, but continue to secure funds to build appropriate shelter for dogs.  Tonight, at their booth, they had several cages of cats, but these little ones really caught our attention!

From 6:00 to 8:00 pm - Santa was awaiting the arrival of the children of Wauchula.  They sat on his lap and professed to be "good" and asked for their favorite holiday gifts. 

These two handsome gentleman dressed in appropriate garb, were promoting the upcoming Power and Light Production of "The Story of Noah" which will be presented right here in Wauchula in the Spring.  You can CLICK HERE for more information. 

Keeping with the true meaning of Christmas, Real Life Church  hosted a Living Nativity Scene.  Children and adults alike entered into the area to visit with the Three Wise Men along with Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus in the stable.  It was like experiencing that  Join the Wise Men as they visit Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in the stable.  It was like getting a glimpse of what that very night might have been like.
Complete with donkey............

 And goats.  The children were truly enjoying this experience.
I so wish that we had been able to arrive earlier and brought along our chairs to sit and enjoy the "Spectacular Living Christmas Tree" performance by the First Baptist Church of Wauchula.    The performance ran from 7-8 pm, but we could not get anywhere near close enough to fully appreciate this 30ft tall tree housing 70 choir members and a fantastic show of lights.

The first picture below - was the best we could in the dark, but you can see the choir members on each branch of this beautiful Christmas Tree..........

And from a little different angle - No way were we able to get any closer.

There were hundreds and hundreds of people between our camera and the tree - and but here are a few shots showing the great light show ...

This was without a doubt one of the most memorable Friday Night Live's we've attended here...... Celebrating the Christmas season here in Wauchula is definitely - First Class!!

The lines to the "Funnel Cake" was just way to long - so for the very first time, Rich did not get to feast on this greasy, sugary, delicious snack!  But we did not make it back home without stopping for a little something sweet.

This year, right next to Domino's Pizza, the Pure Magic Ice Cream store opened.  We have passed this place several times in the last two months, but tonight would be our first experience.  We expected to see either a little soft serve - or a modest selection of hard ice cream flavor and perhaps a menu for a milkshake or ice cream sundae like most shops.   I am so glad I was still carrying my camera on my shoulder.  This was quite an experience! 

Pick your ingredients and watch them magically make your favorite selection! 
They begin by pouring liquid into one of these large bowls.  Not sure, but looks like some type of "milk" product.  Add the ingredients you want and watch them mix.....Add a little "nitrogen" and watch them stir through the mounds of smoke.  And voila!    I had the butter/pecan and Rich ordered Peanut Butter/Fudge.  It was absolutely delicious!  You've got to try this place, if you are ever in the area.

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