Sunday, July 20, 2014

A day with friends........

For the five weeks we were vacationing, Nick and Tonyia babysat our house plants.   ( Nick did the transporting, and Tonyia provided the  the tender care!)

We had made plans earlier in the week for them to visit on Saturday and return the plants.  

Back where they belong.  They dress up the sun room nicely!

As a thank you  we picked up a couple of small gifts for them while at Alexandria Bay in  New York.

The Scales and Tales cap for Nick and a T-Shirt for Tonyia.

Tonyia's Birthday was the 14th of July, so it only made sense to celebrate.  Since they were already coming to the house, I asked what she wanted for her birthday dinner.  Why I asked, I don't know, because she ALWAYS says "goulash".

 So after a couple of games of Mexican Train, we had our dinner:  goulash, Caesar salad and Italian bread.   And then we finished off the day with a Cookies and Cream Cake with Cookies and Cream Ice Cream.  

Happy Birthday Tonyia!

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