Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lake is Still Choppy - Almost caught a Seagull

Wow - Wednesday already and Mother Nature insists on keeping the winds just strong enough to keep us from enjoying the Lake.  The temperature did reach the low 70's though after a rather cool morning, and with the sunshine it was actually a comfortable day.

We still had some minnows left, so in the afternoon, Rich headed down to the dock to try  fishing off the dock.  I went down and sat in the boat and watched............enjoyed the view and the sunshine.  And I had my camera.

Because the area in front of the docks is rather weedy, Rich decided to use the minnow with a bobber - keeping the minnow from getting caught in the weeds.    After a while  this seagull showed up and you could tell he was checking out the bobber.    After several minutes he took a dive.....and then another and then he actually grabbed the bobber, took it in the area, tangled the line and the minnow around the bobber and then dropped it.   Amazing!   Well, Rich didn't think so - I think if he'd had a gun he'd have shot the bird.   You see - Rich has a history with seagulls.....I'm thinking of the time at Clearwater Beach in Florida when one came down and literally took the ice cream off his cone!

After that - the fishing was done for the day.  

By the time the lake was OK for boating, it was getting a little to late to head out.  It was close to 7:00 when we decided to have some dinner.

Since we're leaving on Saturday, I'm trying to use up as much of the food in the fridge as I can.  So tonight we had a couple of drumsticks and a couple of chicken thighs and we threw them on the grill.  We've  actually cooked out a lot on this little charcoal grill - and except that it takes a little longer, we actually like cooking over the charcoal.  Believe it or not - we've been here almost four weeks and we only went out for dinner ONE time!    I don't know if that's EVER happened before!

Tonight it's supposed to get down in the mid 50's, but the forecast for tomorrow promises to be better.  Maybe we'll hit our goal of 100 fish tomorrow??

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