Friday, July 4, 2014

The week is flying by......

This week the weather has been strange.  We have gone from the hottest day we've had, 89 on Monday to the coldest night - 57 last night and it's supposed to get colder tonight.   And most of the days have been windy.

On Tuesday the temperature was good and so we decided to head out around 4:00 and eat when we got back.

  Rich had picked up some crabs at the bait shop.  First time I'd ever fished with crabs.  We were also fishing a second pole with jigs.

 Rich caught a nice catfish, about 10 inches, a shell cracker and a couple of crappie.  I didn't catch anything on the crab, but got 3 crappie and a shell cracker with the jig.

 Seems the fish always start hitting the best as it nears dark.  Would have liked to keep fishing but with no light on the boat we had to head back.

Rich headed back out early evening on Wednesday.  I am so bad with some of my TV  programs....

.Wednesday at 8:00 is So You Think You Can Dance and it is my very very favorite program that I just did not want to miss.

 It was about 8:45 when Rich pulled in.  He had some good luck with the perch and crappie.  Crappie have to be 9 inches to keep  and these were all over 9 inches tonight.

Thursday was another bad weather day.  The morning was windy  and very very rainy.  Not one of the boats headed out early because of the windy and a couple tried fishing from the dock.   It cleared on and off during the day but the rain kept the boats heading back in several times.  We were out in the middle of the afternoon for almost three hours and we caught NOTHING!!  This was the first day we were skunked!

The dark clouds continued ...................

Tomorrow should be a better day.

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