Sunday, July 6, 2014

Windy Windy Windy - But Still able to fish a little

On Saturday the weather was beautiful, but it was very very windy.    But about 9:30 we ventured out to try some fishing.

Drifted for a bit, then anchored (no luck) then drifted some more. Winds had to be about 14-15 miles/hour so we were really moving.  Forecast was for the wind to get up to 20 miles/hour or better later in the day.

We did OK - nice batch of fish for Rich to fillet.

We hoped to get back out later - maybe before dark, but the winds were to high and the lake was covered with whitecaps.  Time to cook - so fried up some chicken and onions and peppers, heated up some re fried beans and made some rice.  Fajitas tonight - they were excellent and enough left for another meal another night.

We set the alarm for 4:15 am on Sunday.  Almost didn't get up, but finally up and filling the thermos with coffee and ready to head out fishing again.  We almost changed our minds when it started raining lightly but the weather report said 0% chance of rain.  We were on the lake and fishing by 5:15.   Again, it was very windy. We knew it would be, but wanted to get out early, since again today the wind was going to get worse.  It was just getting light out, when I had to get a picture of the sun peeking through a dark rain cloud.  The rays were beautiful.

You can see in the picture above how choppy the water was.  Had the sweat shirts on with the hoods up most of the time we were out.

  By 8:30 we had caught about 7 nice fish for filleting; one bluegill and the rest were crappie.   With this little row boat, we were starting to really get tossed around, and the trip back to the dock was not much fun.  We both (Rich more than me) got soaked with the waves splashing over the sides of the boat.  

 Rich headed to the fish cleaning station.  I cooked up some bacon and made some home fries and put on another pot of coffee.  We had bacon and cheese omelets a little later for breakfast.   Rich headed in for a nap.........  Hopefully we'll be able to get back out on the lake later today.

Total fish count for Rich and I to date:  94,  Rich - 56, Me - 38.  ( But remember he had 4 more days than me!  Our goal is to break 100 - and weather permitting we should be able to do that.

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