Wednesday, July 2, 2014

No Fishing Today!

When we woke on Monday morning it was beautiful outside, but very windy.  The forecast was for our hottest day so far.  Bad storms were  headed for areas nearby, but we were supposed to have a hot day and lots of wind. 

The temperature reached 89 degrees.  It was so windy all day long that you seldom saw a boat on the water at all.   This is a morning picture, choppy water and the gentleman in the cabin below us sitting in his favorite spot.  You can spot him sitting here frequently during the day..... Shady with a nice view. 

Only fishing today would be off the docks........and even that was tough going. 

Later in the afternoon when the weather had not changed we decided to take a ride into Morristown where every year on July 1st the Mares Wares Art Festival takes place.    I actually found out about this event from a very nice lady at the laundromat the other day!    Mares Wares is located on State Road 37 in Morristown, NY, but today the store was closed and the property behind her store was open to about 90 vendors from across the county and beyond.  This is a sample of some of the items you can find at her store which includes pottery, woodworking and metal art.  The boats are actually made for shelving - decorative inside or out.........and I love that bicycle!

The area set up for the festival was huge................ and the variety of vendors was amazing.   The artistry and the woodworking were a few of our favorites. The bottom left photo is of Bella Brook Vineyard selling their wines and offering wine tasting.  This vineyard/winery is located about a mile away, right here on Black Lake Road. We have this on our list of places to visit - probably on Wednesday or Friday when they have live music.  

As we were making our trip around the park we stopped at Plato's Carvings.  He was not selling - just doing woodcarving demonstrations.  I was wearing my Punta Gorda t-shirt, and as we stopped to observe, he says "Punta Gorda?, I know where Punta Gorda is"......... And so the conversation was started and we learned that he was familiar with the area where we live, having family in the Sebring area.  And of course the conversation then changed he commented on Rich's t-shirt - the one that says Pipe Down now, you Silly Liberal!........  Actually that prompted several comments today.  And this gentleman also suggested that we check out the wood carving classes in Sebring - He said it was EASY and we would pick it up quickly.   

There was also a great variety of Food Vendors where you could by the typical burgers, hot dogs, fries, barbecue, ice cream etc. as well as things like Cheesecake on a Stick or some excellent looking home made Country Bread.  We had spaghetti on the menu for dinner tonight, so we skipped the food vendors today.  However - Rich did look specifically for Sugar Waffles, and was disappointed when they hand none. 

What was nice about this festival was that there was something for everyone, young and old, including animals and horseback riding for the kids, and music/bands for everyone under a large tent where you could get out of the sun to enjoy a snack/meal and listen to the music.  Earlier in the day they had Karate demonstrations - but we missed them. 

Still keeping our eyes open for possible places to stay should we return to Black Lake again next year we saw a sign for a cottage for rent....... So we continued on County Road 58 across the  John G A Oneil  Memorial Bridges, which crosses Black Lake a little further north.  The cabin was small, but right on the water.  We took the number and may inquire.  

The lake was still choppy with small white caps when we returned, and we hoped that perhaps it would calm down after dinner..........Unfortunately there was NO FISHING  TODAY.

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