Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Weekend

After getting out fishing so early on Saturday we both took a nap that afternoon.  Lynn knocked on the door in the afternoon to see if we were still going to the Fishbone Restaurant for dinner.......... We were thrilled that they decided to join us.  Lynn and Bill have a seasonal cabin here and Bill comes in May and stays through October.  They have a home in Rochester, NY and Lynn goes back and forth, staying here for two or three weeks and then heading back to spend time with their grand kids.

So we met at their place and walked to McClear's which is next door.  McClears also has cabins and boat  rentals as well as RV sites, many of which are waterfront with full hookups.   They also have the Fishbone Restaurant on site.  The large picture is the restaurant, and the top left is also an outside eating area.  The restaurant is actually a combination restaurant/store.  The picture, middle left is of the fish cleaning house and a view of the lake. The bottom three show the RV area, one of the cabin rentals, and the Prime Rib that was the 'special' today.   Everyone, but me, had the prime rib!   The food was quite good and it was nice spending time and getting to know Bill and Lynn a little better.

We walked back to their place and sat for a while, had a glass of wine and just talked.

Sometime later, probably around  8:00 we decided to take a ride up the road to Pleasant View. Another place to consider should we decide to come back next year.  This place is very nice.   They have 2 bedroom town homes, and cabins along the water, and will have room for 3 RVs with full hookups. There is a nice ice cream bar ( actually, our main reason for coming today!) that also sells sandwiches, burgers etc., putt putt golf, batting cages and water works, where the kids can have fun getting wet.  Very nice camping area, except that the boats are docked a LONG way from the cabins which we didn't like.  But we did enjoy our ice cream treat.

On Sunday morning we were out fishing even earlier than the day before.  Alarm was set for 4:15 and we were on the lake before 5:00 a.m.   It is just  beautiful on the lake early in the morning... there was a nice breeze and NO HOT SUN beating on you.   No fish pictures today.  We were out for probably four hours and between us caught only 9 fish, small perch, crappie and bass. 

That afternoon we took a ride over to the small town of Rossie to check out another potential vacation location at a place called Back Bay.    We also wanted to see if we could find our old camping grounds, Camp Whippoorwill.  As we traveled along County Road 3, we recognized the area immediately.  The winding roads that would take us to a left turn on Chapman Rd.  We were definitely on our way to what was once Camp Whippoorwill, without a doubt.  We followed this road for a little more than 1 1/2 miles.  Beautiful views of the lake,  homes alongside the lake and a few small camping areas. 

We didn't see anything that looked like the place we used to stay - but we finally made it to Back Bay.  If we were to bring an RV - that could be a long ride on a dirt road only one lane wide!!!

Back Bay was in a beautiful location, this was definitely the Bay where we had stayed several years ago.  We like the cabins (but they were huge) along the lake, but they were not available for long term rental.  There was even a swimming pool.    We followed the owner up the hill to the camping area, which was very nice.  Nice size  lots, some along the water, a nice pavilion for get togethers.  We looked inside the park model (bottom right). Small but very nice.  No TV, No Air....... Rented for $600/week, but if we stayed longer we could get a reduced rate..... 

We talked with the owner a bit about where we used to stay. What was once CAMP WHIPPOORWILL was right NEXT DOOR.  The dirt road to the far right going into the woods takes you there.  A couple of old cabins are still there, but couldn't get a picture through the trees.  Can't believe we really found it!! 

Monday was a work day..........Laundry followed by grocery shopping.   I thought that my days of having to do go to the laundromat were over when we bought our house!  Have to admit that while this one is much smaller - it is a little more modern and a little more clean than the one in Wauchula, FL
From Hammond I followed 37 North to Ogdensburg.  Since I was driving I was not able to get pictures of some of the beautiful homes along the St. Lawrence River.  Very very pretty area.  About 20 miles up the road  I was almost to the Price Chopper, but had to stop at the bridge that crosses the Oswegatchie River.  Construction allows for one lane of traffic only. 

Later in the day we grilled some hamburgers and then headed out fishing about 5:30.  Today we were fishing with crabs. Fished till almost dark.  I got board, not catching anything and gave up on the crabs.  Went back to my jig and caught 3 crappie and a shell cracker.  Rich got a couple of crappie and shell cracker with his jig, but caught a nice 10 inch catfish with his crab. 

Back by 9:00 to catch the next episode of 24..........then called it a day!

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