Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Caladium Capital of the World - Town of Murals

I  had to take a short trip into town today...........Tomorrow I am going to visit with a good friend up in Wesley Chapel, Fl - where we used to live.  Linda lost her husband just a few months ago.  I'm going up to spend the day with her - make her have  a little fun  and spend the night.    So, since I am leaving my hubby alone for a day or so, I needed to make sure he had what he needed - beer, coffee, goodies and food for dinner.    So I took a quick trip to the grocery store.

As I passed through downtown Lake Placid  and drove by Stuart Park, I  was so taken by how clean and beautiful this little town really is.   This is the time of year when the caladiums are in full bloom and decorate the streets of Lake Placid.   I just happened to have my camera in my pocketbook......................

Lake Placid, Fl is known as the Caladium Capital of the World. It has been written that  "When God finished creating flowers: he turned a flower into a leaf".  He must have been referring to Caladiums. ......  Here are a few pictures that I took of the Caladiums in downtown Lake Placid's Stuart Park.

It's amazing, when you live in a town, you often don't even realize the beauty that you pass along the street every day..........

Lake Placid is also known as the Town of Murals.............  They decorate many a building as you drive the streets of this quiet country town. Here are a few of my favorites from the 44 that are displayed in the town.   Not only are they beautiful, the depict the history of the town and the people who lived here.

This was is along the side of one of the buildings, but too long to get in one picture. 

This next one ( actually the next TWO photos) is displayed along the side wall of the food market in town.   They actually are all in  a row on ONE wall.  With this display there is also music!

And this last one.........the top photo is the Clown Museum in town, and the bottom photo is displayed on the outside wall of our doctor's office.

Can't believe we've lived here almost 10 month's and this is the first time I've shown the murals and the caladiums.   This really is a quaint little town.

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