Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Harrisonburg, VA to Brunswick, GA

Sunday morning we were on the road early again. It was 7:52 am.   We had 610.59 miles to travel today and according to Map Quest it should take us 9 hours and 9 minutes.   This would be the longest leg of our trip back home.  There was a continental breakfast at the hotel, but it was too early to eat, so we filled our thermos and our 2 coffee mugs and headed out.

Today, while a long drive, was also very uneventful.    Continuing on in VA I snapped a few shots, again of the mountains and farmhouses.  As we continued along I spotted a couple of times these signs that said  "Runaway Truck Ramp".    The roads here through the mountains of VA were indeed quite steep at times, so I would imagine that in the winter they could be quite treacherous!

The ramps started to appear, in the mountainous regions back in the mid 1960's.  According to Car and Driver :  trucks rely on the additional friction created by gravel or sand and, usually, the gravitational slow-down effect of an incline to stop runaway, vehicles.

We stopped for breakfast at McDonald about 10:00 and filled the gas tank.  Gas in VA in GA is the lowest so we filled up here at 3.23/gallon.   We continued on into NC and by 1:25 we were in Columbia, SC.   Again, not a lot of pictures, but the view of Lake Davidson in NC and the color of the trees in NC and SC were beautiful. The vibrant colors were a sure sign of summer rain and summer sunshine.

Other than a little rain the rest of the trip to Brunswick, GA was boring.  We filled up with gas again in GA - This time finding it at $3.12/gallon.  Sure not going to find these prices in FL.   We arrived at the Comfort Inn in Brunswick about 5:08.  We stopped at a Subway shop about 1/4 mile from the hotel and picked up a couple of subs, a bag of chips and a couple of peanut butter cookies.   We completed this leg in 9 hours and 16 minutes, including stops!  Driving sure does make you tired.  We were both sleeping very very early.

Tomorrow - BACK HOME!

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