Friday, July 11, 2014

Now this is a BIG Catch!

Thursday turned out to be a beautiful day.  Temperature in the low 70's and lots of sunshine.   I usually look forward to doing a "countdown", but counting the days until we leave is not fun!  The countdown is not at 2........

So, in addition to having fun - that means making sure we leave our cabin in the condition we found it.  So this morning while Rich was  doing his thing on the Stock Market, I began some packing and defrosted the fridge.  As you can see we are down to very very little food left in the fridge.......

With the phone working again I made a few calls making sure that our TV, Internet and Phone services were scheduled to be turned on when we got home and made a couple of hotel reservations for our stops on the way home in VA, and GA.  About 9 hours a day the first two days, then a short 5 hour drive on day 3.   We miss seeing our friends at home, but we really are not ready to leave.  We've enjoyed our stay here and met some really nice people.

Our friend Bill headed out around 8:00 this morning and was back before 11:00 with his limit of crappie.

AND he also hooked on to a real nice catfish!

Didn't measure, but it looks like well over 30 inches, and Bill guesses that it's about 4 1/2 lbs.

Whatever the stats......its a real nice catch!  Nice Job. Bill!

We were on the lake fishing by 4:15  and we fished for about 4 1/2 hours.  Rich caught 12 fish ( 1 Shell Cracker, 2 Crappie and 9 Perch).  Some of the perch were pretty small and he actually used one of them as bait before we left.  The rest were keepers, especially the nice size perch - but since we're leaving in another day we didn't keep any.  I caught 5.........4 Crappie and 1 Perch.   That brings our total to 113, with Rich in the lead with 69 and me with 44.

The weather was perfect for fishing and we anchored behind Tin Island until the last 35-40 minutes when there was enough of a breeze to drift. While behind the island, Rich directed my attention to the Moon, So..........below are the moon, sunset shots from the lake.   The top two are of the moon behind us.  At the same time I took those, I turned around and got the sun through the trees on the island........and the sunset as we headed back to the camp......and the last is a shot of the moon from the dock.   Amazing ...........a day ago it was the wrath of Mother Nature and today is the Beauty.

 It was almost 9:00 when we tied up the boat and got back to the cabin.  Ground Beef was thawed - and Rich wanted Hamburger Helper (UGH!)..  I did a tossed salad with lots of veggies and cut up the one chicken thigh that was leftover in the fridge.  We watched the new series that started on TV at 10:00  EXTANT -  looks like it might be OK.

Tomorrow is our last day........more packing more fishing.....

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