Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cold, Windy and Bad Storms!

I know I'm not in Florida, because the temperature is way too cold......but this rainy weather and bad storms is not what we want for our last week at the lake.   We were ready to head out fishing on Monday, but we woke to an early rain and the lake was very very choppy.  Might try it if we had a bigger boat, but this little 14 ft. row boat likes a little less ripples!    Some of people at the camp tried fishing from the dock, and a few of the bigger boats headed out - but were back sooner than they liked when the winds got too gusty.  The only time that Rich spent in the boat was bailing out the water  !!!  And then it clouded up and rained again in the evening.  No fishing today!

The sun came out for a while on Monday and Tuesday.  Bill and Linda stopped by to visit.  Linda would be heading back to Rochester on Wednesday.  She needed to take a trip into Ogdensburg on Monday so I rode along with her.  A quick stop at Walmart, Joann's Fabric and Aldi's  to make sure Bill had everything he needed until she returned in a couple of weeks.   While it rained on Monday night she knitted me a set of pot holders.  Love them.  We will continue to enjoy Bill's company for the rest of the week, but I'll miss seeing Linda.  Really nice folks; it's nice to know they'll be here next year if we come back. 

 On Tuesday I made one last trip into Alexandria Bay.  The weather, again was windy so I knew Rich would  be spending time on the stock market so I headed to the Bay to check out some of the shops.   I stopped in Hammond at the Presbyterian Church to check out the Labyrinth of Peace.  It was really very beautifully done.

We checked the weather forecast when I got back and the wind was suppose to subside.  Storms were in the forecast but not until after 7:00 pm.  So we headed up the road to pick up some minnows for fishing and we headed out about 3:30.  It was overcast with barely a breeze so we anchored and fished for a little better than an hour.  The breeze increased just a little and we could the clouds starting to form in the south.  In less than 10 minutes the breeze changed to a strong wind and there were white caps on the water.   We made it back to camp, but the winds were so strong that a couple of the guys came down to help us get the boat to the dock.

And the picture below tells the rest of the story.  It got dark fast..........and the islands that we can normally see from the cabin were lost in the rain and mist over the lake.  You could barely see the boats at the dock - but you could hear them rocking.  The yard was full of water and the waterfall that had dried up over the past week, looked like a small creek!    Needless to say  - One  hour of fishing today.  BUT we did manage to add 2 Fish to our total.  Total now is at 96!

A bit of a cold front came in over night and the weather today.......Wednesday.  The temperature is in the mid 60's and Rich is in long pants and a jacket!!!  The winds are supposed to be anywhere from 13-17 miles/hour today - so the chances of getting out today don't look too good!

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