Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 6

Saturday is arrival/departure day here at the fishing camp.  So this morning most everyone gathered to say their goodbye's.  Paul came out and entertained everyone with his bag pipes!  Everyone was outside and after a round of applause, it was hugs and final greetings from everyone.  Was able to finally get a picture of a couple of the guys that were at the campfire the other night, and of Jan and Steve, the couple from CT.  Also got one of Craig and Wendy, the preacher's daughter and son-in-law. 

About 10:00 am, we headed to Ogdensburg with Roger and Gloria for the Founders Day Event.  Founder's weekend commemorates Ogdensburg's French colonial history from the founding of Fort de la Presentation in 1749 to the Battle of the Thousand Islands in 1760.

For more than a decade re-enactors have assembled on Van Rensseleaer Point (formerly lighthouse point).  This year several hundred re-enactors were celebrating from New York, Ontario and Quebec, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other states and provinces.

Our day started out with the Water Battle, between the French and British back in 1760.  The actual war took place here - where the Oswegatchee River meets the St. Lawrence Seaway.

There were lots of family and kids activities, both recreational and informational.  Upper left - Roger and George observe some of those events.

 There were numerous Heritage demonstrations that we spent a lot of time at.  Wish my history lessons were this much fun.  These demonstrations were excellent.  Below we all stopped at a tent where using heritage pots and pans etc. they were were making bread and pea soup.  Rich and Roger observe the food very closely!

We made our way along the road to Van Rensselaer Point/Lighthouse Point to observe the lighthouse that still shines it's light........ And stopped to visit with a few more of the re-enactors, who were busy making Onion Soup....
By this time it was after noon, we were all hungry so we decided to eat before the Land Battle started.  Hot Dogs, Burgers, Sausage .......and a cold drink.  But Roger opted for the Banana Split - and called that lunch.  

We caught a few more of the  Heritage Demonstrations including the Wax Making - that's bees wax on the fire, top let.  Lectures and learning about the various Indian Tribes, and we spent a lot of time watching the guy working with the wood, using the old tools and making barrels. We learned how to make the barrels round, and WHY they made them round!!

And then we made our way to what would be our last for the day...The land battle re-enactment.  They did a great presentation. 

Made our way back to camp and headed out fishing.  Only caught a total of nine fish.  Rich pulled in a nice bass and another 27 inch, 7.6 lb. catfish.   Sunday was OK for fishing.  Nice breeze.  But we only caught 5 - nothing bigger than about a 10" crappie.  

Fish Count to date:  432  and Rich continues to be WAY ahead of me!

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