Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Quality time with Family

Week Six will most definitely be one of the better weeks.  What's better than sharing vacation time with family?  On Sunday our son Dennis and family left home in Iowa and traveled more than 15 hours to arrive before 8:00pm Sunday evening.  After so many hours on the road - we introduced them to friends and helped them unpack the truck, chatted for a short time and called it a day.   

Monday started checking out the docks and  switching gear to a larger boat that would more easily accommodate 4 fisher(persons).  

By late morning/early afternoon Dennis and the kids headed out to fish.  Not too much luck ( alot like we've been experiencing lately) but between Dalton and Chauna they caught 5 fish.  Chauna had the biggest catch with a very nice 15 inch small mouth bass.   That evening, Rich joined the group and headed back out until almost dark.  The wind was pretty strong, and after being drenched by the choppy waters with the boat moving and the stronger winds, poor Chauna was frozen and shivering by the time the boat was docked.......  Dennis caught the only fish - a very very small crappy!

It was a great afternoon for sitting out, playing games and enjoying the beautiful weather. After several games of Mexican train, we moved to the kitchen to prepare the catfish for the next day.  Fillets had been soaking overnight in prepared water, and were ready now for the brown sugar marinade.  They would sit overnight and be ready for the smoker in the morning.  Crystal helped with this chore, while Dalton and Chauna supervised. 

Crystal and Chauna prepared a Chicken and Rich dish for all of us.  Delicious.  About 8:30 Rich and Dennis started the campfire and Crystal brought the marshmallows and chocolate (oops!  no graham crackers). Before the night was over we had about 20 people around the fire!   It was nearly 11:00 when we called it a day!

While the rest of the family slept in - Rich and I were up early.  Rich headed over to Bill's shortly after 7:00 AM, and along with Roger the finished the final marinate of the catfish and, and put them in the smoker.  About eight hours later they were enjoying their fish!   There were about 12 or more fillets; gave two to Roger and Gloria, one to Dean, 3 to Bill and the rest Rich and Dennis and Dalton took care of - well almost.  There is a little more than one in the fridge....

Tuesday was a very very windy day and the lake was covered with white caps, so much of the day was spent playing Mexican Train or Skip Bo.....or just relaxing outside.  Dennis took Crystal and Chauna down County Road 37 - to Cemetery Road...... for geocaching.  Found one - and a nasty looking snake kept them from the other.  Meanwhile Rich and Dalton wandered down to the dock, and while the wind was still whistling - Rich threw in a minnow on a bobber, and pulled in a very nice 28 3/4 inch Northern Pike, which Dennis fixed immediately and had for lunch!    By 6:00 they could not wait any longer, so Chauna and the guys headed out to fish.  Only caught 2........  But the storms were on the way, and the sky was getting pretty nasty by the time the docked the boat.   Burgers and Dogs on the grill were delicious but..................about 1/2 way through cooking the skies opened.  Crystal ran to their camp to close windows and got soaked - but Rich who was cooking and Dennis who way trying to properly position the umbrella were wet through and through!    

 And so - day two ended.   Below are a few of my favorite pictures from the last couple of days. 
Pa Pa Donald and the family, heading out fishing, Chauna enjoying a cold afternoon beverage, panoramic view of the lake from the boat, Pa Pa Donald with Dalton and Chauna, the guys on the dock, Dennis, coming in from the pouring rain, my favorite of Dalton, with Mom Crystal behind on the hill. and Gramma Do, with Crystal, Chauna and Dalton, playing our favorite game!

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