Saturday, July 25, 2015

It's so quiet..............

WOW...... It was pretty lonely here on Friday.  Peeked out the bedroom window just before 6:00 am and within a minute or so they were pulling out and heading for Iowa.  Watched facebook - figuring Dennis would put a note out there when they arrived home..........and he did.

Since there would be no "Dalton" at our door this morning, we both slept in - to about 7:30!

About 11:30 Rich was able to take a break from the stock market and we headed out fishing.  Today we went to the other side of the Mutt and Jeff Islands and along the Wall.   No keepers - but we  did see Bill fishing there and we did catch 9 crappie.    I had not had a chance to visit with Lynn since she got back on Wednesday, so I headed over and spent some time with her, and then visited with Gloria and we exchanged contact information, since they would be leaving Saturday morning.

Back out fishing around 6:00 and just drifted behind Raspberry Island for a couple hours and caught 12 more crappie and one 8-9 inch perch.  SIX keepers tonight which Rich cleaned.  And then it was out to the campfire.  Not to many there tonight; Roger and Gloria, Bill and Lynn, Paul and Pattie and Rich and I.  Nice evening and good conversation..........Called it a day - And the end of Week 6!

Fish Count at the end of week 6   Total 534
Dennis/Dalton/Chauna - 72, Rich 258, Donna 204

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