Friday, July 17, 2015

Fishing, Mexican Train and new friends around the campfire..........

Well, the fishing this week has not improved one bit!    We caught 16 fish on Thursday - but NO keepers, and so far today we have TWO!   There is rain and/or thunderstorms in the forecast. but the forecasters have been wrong before.

Been a little bit chilly this this week, so it's been a lot of long pants, sweaters and jackets.  I did however, find a new Mexican Train player.  Gloria, here with hubby Roger, hails from Hornell, NY and has played a game similar to Mexican Train - so she picked it up in, like 2 minutes! ( picture - upper left).    She's here for one more week, so we should get in a few more games.

Both Wednesday and Thursday nights were campfire nights.  I managed to get a few pictures on Wednesday - but by the time we arrived on Thursday, is was just too dark for my camera.  Below is Rich starting and stoking the fire, Clarence, (the resident Reverend, top right),  That's Bill with Clarence's wife, Doris and Son-in-law, Greg. and finally Jamie, with her son Aiden.

There was only 6 or 7 of us out on Wednesday, but on Thursday I think we counted 17!  The crew said that was their largest campfire since they've been coming here.  We met Jan and Steve from Litchfield, CT, Paul and Patti, school teachers from somewhere in NY??  Linda was back at the camp so she and Bill were there, as was Roger and Gloria. Clarence, Doris,  Greg and Wendy - all family from the Spencer, VanEtten area.  ( Wendy made some baby funnel cakes ( more like little puff balls) with powdered sugar, and passed it around to everyone.  Delicious.  And there were three other guys, there for the week fishing - but didn't get their names. 

Before the evening was over, Paul pulled out a couple of Chinese Balloons....lit them and sent them airborne!  They really are quite pretty.   And is it climbed and climbed upward in the sky - we could see the flame for a really long time.  

It was nearly 1:00 AM by the time we headed back to the camp to call it a day. 

Plans for Saturday are to go to the Founders Day events somewhere along the Oswagatchee River in Ogdensburg.  Going with Roger and long as the weather hold. 

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