Saturday, July 4, 2015

One more day of fishing........

And so week three ends without the "big" catch.  But at least there was no rain.  There was a decent breeze in the morning, so we headed out around 9:00 am and came in just after noon, catching 18 fish.  Back out round 5:00 pm, and fished until 8:30 and caught 23.   I caught a 11/1/2 inch small mouth bass - not big enough to keep, but fun to bring in.  Rich's biggest of the day was a 12 inch perch.  Only caught about 5 keepers!  But instead of Rich, I now have the record for the smallest fish.  Almost as small as my jig; baby perch that I somehow snagged that was not as big as the medium size minnows Rich was using as bait!

Week 3 ends with a total fish count of 291.  Not bad given how many bad weather days cancelled our fishing plans.  Rich still in the lead 153 to 138.

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