Sunday, July 12, 2015

Moving on to Week 5

Well our fish count for week four was down from previous weeks.  We'd been averaging over 100 fish per week, and by the end of week four we'd only caught 83 fish.  But we did catch our biggest ones, and Rich caught one more nice 16 inch bass on Friday, bringing our total fish count to-date to 373.  Rich is still way ahead 207 to 173.

Below is Rich with his Friday Bass.  Nice picture of the docks.  Rich went down to meet Bill coming in with his catch of the day - and heading to the fish cleaning house with his bucket of crappie.   And I was finally able to catch the sun coming up over the lake on Saturday morning.

Saturday started Week 5 - and we fished for a little over three hours in the afternoon and caught 14 fish - and none big enough to keep.  It was too windy to go back out later in the day.

That afternoon the Stone Presbyterian Church in Ogdensburg was having their annual Chicken Barbecue, so Rich took a ride with Bill and brought back Chicken, Beans, Macaroni Salad, rolls, brownies and cookies for all of us.

Bill's wife Linda should be back on Friday, and next Sunday Dennis and the family will be pulling in for the week.  And we have our fingers crossed that our friends Nathan and Krystal might visit.  They are looking for sitters for the horses and if successful they may take a cabin here for a week or two before we head for home. I better start planning the day trips for Krystal and I, just in case!

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