Friday, July 24, 2015

Time Flys When You're Having Fun............

Two more days and the family heads back home. It seems like they just got here! I think, if we all come here next year that Dennis and family should plan on staying a few more days.

Wednesday morning Dennis and Dalton and Chauna headed out to fish before 9:00 am, with plans that Rich would have Crystal send a text if he was able to get away for a while. Before anyone headed out, the guys checked and filled the gas tank......and about 11:15 we (even Crystal - walked the dock!) met them at the dock, Dennis got out, and Pa Pa took his place and he and the kids  headed back out.  That morning/afternoon Chauna caught four fish - the guys caught nothing.

Plans for the rest of the day called for a trip up the road to play a game of miniature golf.........followed by ice cream and then to head back out fishing!

The golf course is a little old and some of the holes are in need of repair, but we all had a good time showing off our putting skills.  Dennis was the winner AND he was the only one to get a hole in one!  Congrats!!!!   Following the game we made our way to the ice cream stand for our favorite flavor of ice-cream!  

Back to the camp and our bellies are full........... Chauna and the guys head back out  to fish and Crystal and I had our orders to have dinner ready around 8:00pm. Tonight would be mac and cheese and fish.  We took two bags of fish from the freezer, one crappie and the other perch and did a fish fry.  Dinner was followed by a delicious Strawberry Shortcake.   Better night fishing:  Dennis 12, Dalton 5, Chauna 4.

Thursday - last day all four of them were out fishing in the morning and they caught  20 more with two keepers.  One catfish (Dalton) and one good size crappie (Chauna)..Dennis cooked the fish - he made a sandwich with the crappie, and made one for Dalton with the catfish.......Check out the picture.  Not much meat on that catfish - looks like more bread and mayo than fish!!!   A few more games of Mexican train or skip bo in the afternoon - and Dennis looks for baby frogs under the walk bridge. 

The guys sent a text from the boat and asked to have dinner ordered from Ned's, and they'd be in by 5:00pm.    We all ate too much!...... Stromboli for the Rich and Dennis and Dalton, Chicken fingers and fries for Chauna........Roast Beef Sub for Crystal, and Chicken Wrap for me.   We finished the evening completing an unfinished game of Mexican train and then laughed so hard that we cried, finishing a game of triple Yahtzee!   And I can't even remember who won!  I just remember that it was fun!

We always like to get some group pictures before our time together is over.  So here are the ladies - Chauna, Crystal and Me........and the guys, Dalton, Dennis and Pa Pa..........

But the picture taking was not yet over............They all headed back to their camp to pack their bags, clean the cabin and get as much as they could packed in the truck.  They'd be on the road early Friday morning.  

So we went over to say goodnight - and get our hugs and kisses.......  As luck would have it - Chauna had brought along her Selfie we were able to get a "family photo"!   AND Rich and I were in our very first Selfie!!! 
Or .......since there was more than one in the picture I guess it would be called an USie?  Anyway here we are!

And so I'll close with a few more of my favorite family photos from the last couple of days. 

Dennis, Crystal, Dalton, Chauna - I know you'll be checking this out!  Pa Pa and I love you all soooooooo much and we miss you already.  We had so much fun this past week.  And we created some of our very favorite family memories that will be cherished forever!

Total fish count for the family this past week -  72
Total fish count to date: 504

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