Thursday, July 9, 2015

Week four continues.

The fish count per day had definitely declined, and while I'm not a seasoned fisher woman I am blaming it on the weather!  Monday's temperature reached the mid to high 80's.  I do have to admit that unlike the 80's in Florida - the humidity was very bearable. Not only was it a very warm day it was very very sunny with NO breeze at all.  Tuesday's temp also reached the low 80's, but it was very very windy.  Between the 2 day we only caught 18 fish and NO keepers!  Rich did call for the net at one point - but it ended up being just a very large TREE branch!  The best part of both days was getting caught in the rain.  Everyone headed back to the docks at the same time on Tuesday - so we waited in line to dock the boat.   That and the visit from the ducks.

Weather on Wednesday was much better, so we headed out in the afternoon.  Still only 5 fish between the two of us BUT.....  Rich pulled in another 27 inch, 8 1/2 lb Catfish.  We now have 6 very nice large fillets in the freezer just waiting to be cooked!

After dinner on Wednesday, headed for the Hammond Museum, where they were having their grand opening of the summer season, which includes weekly farmers market every Wednesday, frequent events/entertainment and like today a pig roast for $10 per person.  

For such a small town, the museum is really very nice.  It consists of three buildings; one that contains artifacts from Hammond's past, a stone house which is a replica of ones built by the Scottish immigrants in the mid 19th Century, and a Barn, typical of the mid 1800's.  There is also a large newer building in the back used for events. 

Below you can see several of the vendors at today's farmers market, and a glimpse of the two main museum buildings. 

Inside the building of artifacts........ This is where I noticed the information on the Scottish immigrants;  The Donald family is of Scottish decent; their name shortened from MacDonald. Chippewa Bay is the neighboring town and is located along the St. Lawrence River. - thus the River Life. 

These pictures are taken inside the stone house replica.......

More from the barn and the artifacts building.............

There was an art exhibit on display today which was quite nice, and one picture that I really like.  The saying is: "There's a story of a girl......Who cried a river.........and drowned the whole world"

Then, while leaving to go back to the cabin, I noticed this sign just outside the passenger window of the car.........  Catholic Church - 1903 Land donated by Mrs Katherine Donald for Church......  
Another link to the Donald Clan?

Very nice event...........Back to the cabin.  Hope the fish count increases tomorrow. 
Count to date: 353, Rich 190, Donna 163

Can not close without sending Birthday Wishes to one of my best friends.

Happy Birthday, Krystal.

To a very special lady - enjoy your day.

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  1. Thank you so much for not only sharing what fun you are up to, but such a sweet birthday wish on here! I am enjoying following what you are up to. My mother's side of the family is Scottish, so I would love to visit that museum.