Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week 7 and Summer is Here............

The weather here, since our arrival, has been absolutely perfect.  Mid to High 70's during the day, cooler nights.  So comfortable for being outside.  Yes - we've had our share of wind and rain, but would actually prefer that to the weather this week.     Temps are now reaching the high 80's ( feels like 90's) and the humidity is on the rise as well.   That means more mosquitoes too!!

Another sign that summer is here is "little kids".  Don't get me wrong, I love kids, but I prefer the peace and quite here at the lake. If they'd stay in their own yard instead of right in front of my window it would not be quite as bad.  Understand there will be even more the first two weeks in August........That could impact our return next year.

In the meantime, Rich continues to catch those big Cats!   Went out Sunday, behind Tin Island, and he pulled in a nice one - just over 26 inches.  I don't like to eat catfish - so unless someone in the camp wants them - we'll release them back in the water.  Dinner was home style ribs on the grill and baked taters.  Delicious!  Monday we fished behind Raspberry and Rich caught another 26 1/2 inch catfish AND three 10 inch +/- nice crappie which he did fillet out.  Beautiful sunset that night........followed by a trip for ice cream!

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