Monday, June 13, 2016

Week One

It's really been quite cold here since we arrived.  Sunday was the coldest day so far, as I indicated in the last post and it continued through the night. Even I, the Polar Bear, was cold!!  And I did not hesitate to have Rich fire up the heat!  And a few times when he would turn the temperature down - I would turn around and crank it back up!     Today, the forecast was to to be a little bit warmer -but that didn't happen until mid afternoon, when finally the sun was shining for the first time since we arrived, and the temperature actually reached 71 or 72.

We didn't go fishing Saturday or Sunday, and I was feeling pretty good - so we decided to head out for a short time, and see how I would do.  It was a little choppy and a bit more windy than we had thought, so we didn't venture too far away.  And we did have a little luck, Rich a little more than me,.............and so we will begin the tracking of the fish count for the duration of our stay.

Total count for the day +5.  Rich-3, with 1 crappie and 2 catfish, both about 20" long.   Donna -  2,  but you have to look at the picture very closely.  I caught a couple of twin perch!  Maybe 3 inches long???  Actually Rich used the first one for bait and caught his 2nd catfish on that!

I did snap a few pictures of the lake today.   Below, top left is Raspberry Island, as is the picture in the lower left.  This is pretty much where we spent our time fishing.  The upper right is of the Wall and the islands, Mutt and Jeff  taken from behind Raspberry Island, and the last one is of Rogers Camp, taken from the boat as we were returning.  The little cabin in the center with the four windows in the front is Cabin 5, where we are staying.

We also had some visitors today - first the flock of geese, and I think they are Canada Geese.  The snake?  Well I don't know what kind it is - but it was right along side the docks when we returned from fishing. 

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