Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Week 3 Continued

Today - Tuesday - an absolutely beautiful day.  Temps in the 70's and a nice breeze.  A little bit more humid than normal - so we have the air on!

Headed into Ogdensburg today to pick up som non-stick bandages/gauze and check with the pharmecist to see if there is anything different/better to use on Rich's burn.  Been putting vaseline and covering with gauze - but the gauze just sticks to the raw blister, so it's not healing.  He suggested trying some Silver Solution........and try to keep it uncovered whenever he can.

Also made a trip to the Bait Shop for minnows. Got there and realized we forgot
the minnow bucket!!!  Drove back to the cabin, got the minnow bucket, drove back to the Bait Shop.  Asked for a dozed medium minnows/shiners....... they don't have any!!!!!

Went fishing anyway just after 2:00 this afternoon, drifting with jigs and worms.  Only out for an hour an a half and caught 23 fish!! 21 Crappie and 2 Perch.  Had about 9 keepers.  Got our dog fix - this time a 13 year old beagle, who loves the water.  Looked like rain for a while - sky got dark, but the sun was still shining on Raspberry Island.

Really cooled down late in the afternoon, so it was back to jackets and sweat shirts!  But not too cold for ice cream!!   Picked up Linda and Bill and headed up the road for a treat.  Looks like everyone had the same idea; there was a pretty long line and all the tables were taken.  So we stayed in the car and waited for the carhop.  Rich and Bill opted for the Black Raspberry cone, Linda the  Mint Chocolate Chip cone, and I had a dish of Maple Walnut.   Headed back to the camp, and then joined a few of folks at the campfire where they were roasting hotdogs and marshmellows, and making smores!    Looked good - but too full to indulge.

Thursday  was a busy day and a good fishing day.  Headed out in the morning to do laundry, about 15 miles down the road, and then over to Alexandria Bay to pick up some groceries.  Back home just after 11, .... and about 1:00 realized I had left my clip board with my puzzels and my recipe folder on the table  at the laundromat.......Yes - it's that can't remember S....t   again!!!  Drove back down and thankfully,  it was still there.

Headed out fishing before 2;00.  Very very windy........and after an hour an a half Rich had caught one small perch and I had one crappie.  Headed back, ate dinner and headed back out around 6:00.  Back about 8:45.  Rich caught 10 crappie and a couple of perch, and I caught 11 crappie, 1 perch and a very nice 15 1/2 " small mouth bass!!

Friday again was a windy day and the forecast was for more heavy rain. But by late afternoon the skies had cleared so, after dinner, we headed out to fish.  Of course - it rained~  but only for a few minutes and not too hard........and the wind came up.  Lots and Lots of white caps, and we were rockin pretty good.  Between the two of us we only caught 3 crappie and a small perch.

But the fishing this week (week 3) was much better.  We both caught more this week than the first two combined. Rich with 40, and me - 31.  That brings our total fish count to date (including the 14 that Bill caught when he went out with Rich) to 143.

Bill 14 - Rich 72,  Donna 57

Looking forward to our visit from my nephew Danny Benjamin and his wife Marsha tomorrow.

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