Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Black Lake - Week 3

Before I start week 3, an update on the total fish count.  Another week with not a whole lot of success - but still a fun time out on the water.   No big ones this week, except the one that Rich lost.   OK folks, true story!  Rich caught a small sunny on a minnow and so decided to use the sunny as bait.  A short time later, he got a really nice hit.  Whatever kind of fish it was, was a fighter and stayed close to the bottom, but giving Rich a pretty good fight~   Got close to the boat, and took a dive, and Rich lost him.......When he reeled in the line - the sunny was still there, but you could see the line of teeth marks.  Whatever it was had the sunny in its mouth, but never got hooked!    Bill keeps telling him "it was a log"!   Too funny

Oh well........Fish count at the end of week two 
Rich - 32, Donna - 26

Saturday was the start of Week -3 and everyone checking out was gone early. 
And we always get a kick out of Bill on Saturdays, as he makes his way to each of the cabins to see what anyone has left behind.  Believe me, he often has a great find.   I just happenned to catch him after his first stop - heading back to his camp. 

 Expecting a visit from my nephew and his wife  in a week or so, so we really need to increase our fish supply, so we have enough for a fish fry when they arrive.   Rich headed out fishing about 9:00 am, with Bill. ( the resident fishing master!).  After a slow start, they caught 20 or better, 14 which were keepers.  Several of them over 10 inches.   Good job guys!

Udate on my back/abdominal issues - good news... this past week I actually felt quite good, a few bad hours here or there, but overall a really good week.

However!!!  While Rich was helping Bill this past Saturday, he pulled his back again lifting the boat trailer.  In an effort to make him more comfortable I pulled an icepack from the freezer , covered it with a small towel and gave it to him to put on his back while laying on the couch.  Unfortunately, the towel must have slipped off one side of the pack as he was getting it into position.  After 20 minutes or so, he had a VERY large frost burn!  A little later in the evening it started getting a few little white bumps and we applied some neosporin. Sunday morning a VERY large (close to a 1" diameter) blister had formed.   After calling the Nurses hot line........ we discontinued the neosporin and were told NOT to break the blister, and to apply a moisturizing lotion several times a day.   He was very careful sitting and laying in bed, BUT when we headed to the bait shop Monday afternoon, he got back in the car, forgetting about the burn, and he broke the blister.  Now the totally RAW area is being treated with vaseline and covered lightly with gauze. ( I don't have any bandaids big enough!)  So, between that and slicing his finger while filetting fish on Saturday - he's pretty well bandaged!
So if you see this bandaged limping couple coming your way - it's probably just Rich and I!!

Sunday was a very hot day, up in the 90's.  We didn't head out fishing until about 6:30 and even with our new crappie jigs - we caught ONE keeper crappie and 6 baby perch!  But there was a small raft of ducks that did pass us by........the best picture of the day~

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