Sunday, June 12, 2016

Travel Days 3 and 4

We were on the road, leaving Staunton, VA, and heading for Dunmore, PA by 7:35 AM.   Plans were to stop for gas one more time, while we were still in VA, so we stopped just a few miles before the state line.  There was a Denny's at the station, so we decided to have breakfast while we were there, and Rich had to get a giant Cinnabon before we left!

Nothing exciting on the road so we made our way through West Virginia and Maryland.  Found a beautiful Rest Stop where we stopped for a potty break, and Rich sat and enjoyed his Cinnabon!   And as we approached the very last exit, 10B in Maryland on I-81 north - we saw  the Showalter Rd sign!  I  did share that with our friends Nathan and Krystal Showalter a little later that evening on Facebook!

And then we crossed the state line into Pennsylvania.  Now we are getting closer to those states that we used to call home.  And so your apt to see a lot more pictures as we pass through PA and NY.   I just love the rolling hills, farms, and corn fields.............Both are two very beautiful states. 

We arrived at the Quality Inn in Dunmore, PA mid afternoon and did not venture out the rest of the day.  My back and abdomon was really bothering me a lot today, so  all I wanted to do was just rest.   We had a pizza delivered from Pizza Hut, finished the last two cans of beer and called it a day.  We both fell asleep early that night. 

Saturday morning we got our wake-up call at 7:00 a.m., and we were on the road, the last leg of our trip to upstate NY.  The weather, to this point had been beautiful, but today we would run into rain a couple of times.   We crossed the PA/NY state line at 8:39a.m.    Between there an our final stop at Rogers Old Oak Camps, we saw a couple of interesting signs.   For as many years as we both lived in NY State, and as many times as we've been on this very same road, neither of us ever remember their bein a Mexico in NY???  And  then there are the Text Stops in addition to Rest Stops...........and one of my favorite signs........It Can Wait - Text Stop 5 miles.    Yes, it's against the law here, and if you get caught three times, you lose your license!  Actually, I think you should lose your license the FIRST time - but it's better than nothing, and should be enforced in ALL states!

So now we're in our home state of I have my camera clicking. A few of my favorite pictures along the way. 

And before we knew it we were passing through Hammond, NY, onto County Road 6 and got our first glimpse of the lake. 

We had a lot of unpacking to do, most of which Rich did. We got most of it put away, the clothes hung up and the beds made, and then realized the things we forgot!!!  I forgot my hooded sweatshirt that I always wear out fishing when it's cold, AND my sweater!  Rich forgot the gas grill!!.

But we sat outside and enjoyed the rest of the day, Bill Simek, our friend from Rochester came by, sat and had a drink with us, and tried to get our TV working.  (That's a long story!).  A little later a couple that we met here last year, and have kept in touch with, Gary and Karen Tombasco sto[ped by for a visit.  The picture below show's the cottage at the campground next door where they are staying.  We can see them from our side window!    About 8:00 PM we shared a stromboli from Ned's Grocery Store.  And then it was lights out!

 During the night it got very very windy, and we were awakened by a very large tree limb falling on the roof, followed by the door opening. ( Seems, that it was not fully latched the last time Rich came in)  And the shade was billowing at the living room window. ( We thought we had closed ALL the windows)

This morning, Sunday,  it was really quite cold, dreary and very windy When we awoke around 8:00 am, the temperature was only about 56 degrees.   And it stayed that way all day!  Both of us were dressed in sweat pants and sweat shirts.  Just as well. I really need to rest for a couple of days.  

Today was my birthday, and our original plans were to go out to dinner, up in Ogdensburg to celebrate.  But I decided to stay in, and made up a batch of Chili!  Dennis called to Wish me Happy Birthday and that was my highlight of the day.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer... I hope so - Rich does not have any more layers of clothes to put on!!!

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