Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week One Continues

It's been a beautiful week as far as weather.  The nights are now only down in the upper 50's, and the days have been in the upper 70s and by Friday and reached the 80's.  Calling for record high temps this weekend into Monday.YUCK!!!

The fishing has not been very good at all so far..........  Rich went out alone on Tuesday but only caught a couple of crappie.  I stayed in , made some past sauce for dinner and hoped the guy would come to fix the TV!  Yes we finally got it working!  We both went out to fishing after dinner and Rich again, caught a couple more crappie and a couple of perch. Me?  NOTHING!  Most of the fish we caught have not even been big enough to keep.  So.....  I took a few more picturew of the lake - which today was beautiful with the sun so bright~

We fished for a short time on Wednesday and again on Friday and the results were about the same, Rich 2 and me 2 more baby perch~   Fish count to date

Rich 11, Donna 5 

Thursday was a very very windy day - so we didn't venture out.  But caught this picture of the resident woodpecker going to town on the tree in front of the cottage~

Wednesday night Rich started a campfire. Not too many in the park yet, so it was just the two of us, Bill ( Linda would arrive on Friday!), Gary and Karen, and one of the guys staying in cabin 9.  We were out till after 11:00.  Beautiful night, and a little too chilly for mosquitos~

 Thursday - again a very very windy day so just enjoyed sitting out side and visiting with fellow fishermen!

Threw some keilbasa on the grill for dinner and finished the potato salad

Friday night is fish fry night at Turner Inn, here in Hammond.  The best Fish Fry EVER!    The protions, not just the fish, but the fries and slaw and Amish yeast bread~~~~  Awesome!    They do not have a big kitchen - but they always get a big crowd on Friday  so we knew the wait would be pretty long.  It was - about an hour and 10 minutes from the time we ordered!  But's is sooooooo  worth the wait.  Gary and Karen joined us for dinner.

Bill;s wife Linda had arrived as had about 8 Pennsylvania truckers/fishermen who come here every year!  So they started another campfire and we sat and chatted and laughed for a while...............and called in a day.  And the end of Week 1 at Black Lake.

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