Monday, June 20, 2016

Black Lake - Week 2 - Father's Day Weekend

Saturday began our second week here at Black Lake - and the beginning of Father's Day weekend.   I think just being here, seeing friends we've had the pleasure of meeting over the past few years, AND being able to enjoy the weather and fish most everyday - made Rich's Fathers Day a good.  And of course his phone call from his son Dennis is always the highlight of his day.  And I think he liked my paper napkin greeting card better than any store bought one~~

We headed out fishng late morning and fished for a couple of hours, but still not having much luck~~  I caught NONE and Rich caught just one small perch.  It was a wicked hot day - and absolutely NO breeze at all.     In the morning we fished along the wall, just beyond the islands of Mutt and Jeff....  Since the fishing was not great.....we took a trip to the bait shop in the afternoon, looking for some yellow and black jigs - but found none, and then we went into Ogdensburg to grocery shop.    
In the evening after dinner we headed out behind Tin Island and did some drifting.  A little better luck.  Rich caught another perch and a couple of crappie, and I caught 2 crappie.  None of the fish were big enough to keep!!

The view was beautiful coming back in, with the sun setting over the camp..

Below are some shots of the Wall, Islands of Mutt and Jeff, and the sunset  Saturday evening.  As we were heading to shore, looking at the sunset, I looked behind the boat - where the moon was rising above the clouds.....

Below is a picture of the Oswegachee River from SR 37 going into Ogdensburg.  This river merges with the St. Lawrence River in Ogdensburg, and if we wanted to  we could get to both directly from Black Lake........

Sitting in the yard in the afternoon I got a coupld of good shots of the resident woodchuck and one of the MANY resident Chimpmunks~~~

Fixed an awesome pork loin roast in the crock pot, with baked potatoes  and  carrots for Rich for Father's Day Dinner - and his favotire Black Raspberry Ice Cream for dessert!  And he had also bought himself some HUGE chocolate cake/cookies filled with cream at the grocery store~

Following dinner we headed back out fishing, there was a nice breeze so we headed behind Tin Island and drifted several times between there and Raspberry Islands.  

 Finally had a little bit better luck~  Rich hooked on to a nice 15 1/4 small mouth bass, and 18" catfish and a couple of perch, and I got a couple of crappie and a sunny.  Finally able to bring in a few fish for the freezer. 

It was a beautiful day - but going out fishing twice today in that rough water took its toll on me, and I was really paying for it  that evening.   Rich headed over for a half/three quarters of an hour to visit with the folks around the campfire........I called it a day!  

Today - Monday as I update's supposed to be a really warm and sunny day - but the winds will be from 12 -18 miles and hour - with higher gusts..... so there will be NO fishing today!

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