Sunday, June 12, 2016

Black Lake - Day 2

We were up very early and on the road about 7:45 am.  Our drive to VA would only be about 400 miles, and we both were glad.  Did not need another long day.  By 9:38 a.m. we were passing into North Carolina.   Not a whole lot to see along Interstate 77 - but I had to catch a picture of that Red Dirt, and one of Lake Norman.  One day I would like to go to that lake.

The typical potty breaks at rest stops, fill the gas tank, traffic jams, and breakfast at McDonalds..........    and by 11:30 we crossed into Virginia!   While I tend to favor PA, and NY - I have to admit that Virginia is one of the most beautiful states that we pass through.   We even talked about checking out the lakes there......  Is it time to move again???  

So glad we were heading North - the south bound lane was backed up more than seven miles!!!  Sure hope we don't hit that on our return trip!

We arrived at our hotel in Staunton, VA, late afternoon.  I had booked our room at the Red Roof Inn.  The last time we stayed at one of these hotels was back in 1994 when we were moving to Florida from CT.  I have to admit, we were very pleasantly surprised!  Very clean, very well maintained, and a great hot breakfast in the morning. (Which we did not have!) 

As we pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, we noticed this little restaurant next door.  It was a very short walk to the Hometown Grill and Buffett.  Rich ordered a beer and me a glass of wine, and the buffett special tonight was barbecue.  It was quite good!  And the restaurant itself was quite unique, and nicely decorated. 

Early to bed - early to rise tomorrow morning..................

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