Thursday, June 2, 2016

Time Flies Doctors and Dinner with Friends

Wow - Hard to believe it's been  a couple of weeks since I've updated this.  

We headed for home from Cocoa Beach earlier than planned.  Not being able to enjoy the beach, especially when the weather was so nice. We generally would  walk the beach in the evenings when the sun started to set, but I was not able to walk through the deeper sand to get to the water's edge.

It's been more of the same, pain in the back and abdomen comes and goes in streaks.  More doctor's appts, follow ups with my Primary Care, off to the Gastroenterologist, and more blood work.  Next is and MRI of the lower back, and a colonoscopy.

In the meantime - the weather is changing and summer has arrived very quickly!

 The temperatures are rising and the rainy season will not be far behind.  Had some wicked rain and very strong winds last week...... which left a mess in the front yard where leaves and tree limbs and branches filled a pretty good size bag.   Rich has been getting some outside work done, spraying and pulling weeds, and cutting palm branches.

And he's been helping me to do some re-potting of some of the plants.  Actually it was a while ago, that we moved the ponytail palm.  ( top row is last year/bottom row is current after re potting)  The ponytail got so large that we got a much larger pot and found a spot along side of the house, on the shaded side.  

Our friends Nick and Tonya gave us the bamboo plant when we moved here, and that has continued to stay healthy and has really grown!!  Can't remember the name of the plant with the red flower - but we just moved that to a bigger pot yesterday.  And the Peace Lily which I got for Easter last year  has really grown and has graduated from the end table to the front yard!

On Memorial day Nick and Tonyia visited arriving early afternoon and Tonyia and I enjoyed a couple of games of Mexican Train.  Well - almost two games!!  The guys had decided that we were leaving for an early dinner so we played as long as we could....... but making to the car right on time!!!   BUT - we were so rushed that I forgot to grab my camera - so NO Picture of Nick and Tonyia.  But we did enjoy dinner at the Golden Corral here in town. It was a good day, and we both enjoyed spending time with them.  

They arrived in their newest of several vehicles - this one a truck........An oldie but goodie.......I have no idea what make or model - but I think I remember that it was a 1966!  Cool.................

Monday was a holiday from the Stock-market so Rich decided to whip up a batch of cream puffs!    They came out beautiful.............and he said they were very very good!!

And on Wednesday, this week we had our last monthly dinner date with Buddy and Diane at the Hibachi Grill.  Nathan and Krystal, who usually join us were in VA, visiting family - so we missed seeing them.  As usual - we laughed a lot and the food was excellent.   They will be heading North in about a week, and we're planning to be gone for a good portion of the summer ----- so we'll plan on getting together again in September!

On Wednesday when Cindy came to mow the lawn, she knocked on the door and told us we might want to check out one of the sprinklers in the back yard.  She said the area around the head was covered with a lot of mud.   So today we turned on the sprinklers, and yes - there was a leak.  So despite the hot temperature ( Real Feel Temp was 106 degrees!!) Rich started digging.  Found the leak at the elbow, fixed it and turned on the water.   There was another leak ... so he continued to dig......... The picture was taken at the first leak.  The hole ended up being about twice that size getting to the next one!!!   Still not finished - covered the hole and the loose dirt........To be continued tomorrow!

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